Manage Your
Fire and EMS Exposures

Fire Vault is a new approach for firefighters
and EMS personnel to manage their Fire and EMS exposures.

Exposures in
one place

It's time to own your fire exposure data!

Track Exposures

Throughout your career, easily manage and
track all of your fire and EMS exposures.

Secure Data

You can rest assured, your data is
securely stored with cloud backups.


All data is organized in one place
so you can export if you
ever need to file a cancer claim.

Fire Vault

No more paper forms or relying on others to provide documentation. With Fire Vault, you will always have your exposure data backed-up and easily accessible wherever your go. Download now on the App Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have curated a list of questions to help out! If you need any more help, feel free to drop us a line.

Sure thing! We truly believe you’re the most important part of what we do. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, please feel free to reach us here:

There are two places to reset your password from within the iOS app. If you are attempting to login, simply select “Forgot Password” and the password reset email will be sent to you. Alternatively, if you are already logged into the app, you can navigate to “Settings > Email & Password > Forgot Password”.

All subscriptions are handled through the App Store. Due to App Store limitations, we are unable to alter or change your subscription choice. In order to manage your subscription, we recommend checking out this article from Apple:

At this time, we only offer individual accounts or licenses. We do have plans to offer discounted department wide licensing here soon in the future. Instead, we are focusing on finishing up a few more features before we get into department licenses.

At this time, Fire Vault is only offered on iOS devices. We do plan on developing an Android application very soon. Stay tuned and watch for email updates!

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